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Willow tree

29 May

Just an update on how slow this process is! it’s quite satisfying though!

Work in Progress

22 May

Willow tree Mezzotint in progress, this shows the mere foundations of where i’ve started to map out the image. At this angle it looks like it’s printable but there’s a lot more work to do before it can be proofed!

This shows the plate directly from above, you can no longer see the marks i’ve made and shows that it is definitely not ready to print! it’s a very long process!

I’m so lucky to have access to such an amazing old press!

Latest work: woodcut and linocut

8 May

Tried my hand at woodcutting, this is quite a small carving so was a bit fiddley but was really quick to produce. I’m just glad it looks like a boat!

Just to show equipment and scale of work..

This shows how quick the process is. It’s a much quicker way of working and really satisfying to make this much progress in one morning! This image shows 2 of 3 images that will be combined to make one layered image, they’re lined up on the press to dry.

The left print is a lino cut and the right is the woodcut. These will be layered the create one image. The third layer will incorporate a mezzotint of a willow tree.


8 May

I have moved house and am making progress with my work.  I have been trying my hand at woodcut printing and some lino, will post photographs shortly!! Also great news: ‘always Tea-time’ sold at the Nancy Victor gallery in London 🙂 this has really encouraged me to keep motivated and I am now to and from the workshop as much as possible!

Please keep an eye on my page for more photos and comments on my work in progress!