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Willow tree print almost finished…

27 Jul

I have almost finished proofing my willow tree mezzotint, it’s taken a long old time to get the background white but it’s finally there! i’m now playing around with the river boat and the reeds to figure out the layering!

It’s almost there, I just want to define the edges a bit more and add some more highlights.

Playing around at the mo, it feels a bit wrong cutting up something I’ve worked ages on so I might change my idea a bit. Not sure yet!

The Most Curious Baby, Bump and Tot Fair 14th July

16 Jul

Thanks to Gemma Goodwin and Becky Hoh-Hale for the opportunity to hold a stall at their lovely vintage fair for babys and tots! I had a selection of work on display and had some great feedback from visitors and other exhibitors.  Although surrounded mostly by bibs, blankets and baby grows I was pleased to take part in something different and valued the opportunity to get more exposure for my prints.  I handed out quite a few business cards and sold some of my card designs and although I did not make any direct sales I hope people will have gone away with an idea of what I do and will remember my work!

Cards For Sale!

6 Jul

I have got these two designs digitally printed and ready to sell for £1.50 each, More designs on the way!

‘Thank You’ Lino Cut
£25 (unframed)


Willow tree proof

2 Jul

I went to take the first proof of my willow tree mezzotint today.  I’m really pleased with the outcome, there are some really nice marks and tones that have come through but there’s a lot more buffing and scraping to do!

I’m much happier with this proof than I thought I was going to be, I got to a point where I really needed to print it to actually see what I was doing! Even though it’s a long process it’s so satisfying to take proofs and watch the image develop.

You can see how much I have worked on the plate already but the print is still too dark so it’s not ready yet! back to it!

Business cards on the way..

2 Jul

This is the image I have used for my business cards, they are on the way!