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Christmas card designs and decorations!

30 Oct


I spent a chilly afternoon at the workshop yesterday printing 40 of my Christmas lino cuts! As it happens because i’ve been a bit nifty and have done a few designs per lino this means I actually have 168 cards/decorations printed!! I just need to cut them all out and string them! This’ll be a job at home with a film on the telly and a cup of tea by the log burner!

I was really pleased with my gold ink! Although, I found that I had to be careful not to mix it too much with other colours as it ends up looking murky instead of shiny, but I would definitely recommend getting some if you were so inclined!!

I’m now working on a large lino cut that I have designed to be printed onto an old table cloth as part of my display for the Maker’s Emporium Christmas Fair on the 24th of November (wink wink nudge nudge… please come along!)  I’m also starting to work on a print of my own family tree, I just need to confirm a few middle names and spellings before I begin!

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A nifty way of getting things done quickly and economically!

When finished the the text will hopefully look like letter press type

Gold, blue and white ink worked really well on different coloured papers.

To be cut out and strung with gold string 🙂

An Update

18 Oct


So i’ve been a bit rubbish at updating my blog but as it happens I have been rather busy trying to plan for a Christmas Fair being held in Norwich on November the 24th!

I am currently designing new card designs, including Christmas cards.  I was so very excited to get my GOLD Lawrence ink in the post yesterday… so I am going to start printing on Monday!

I will be selling (hopefully) my art work/printmaking but also cards, bags and possibly table cloth designs.  This is all if I manage to get my act together in time! It might be ambitious but it’s good to be busy!

I will update with my latest work next week and will try to post more often from now on!

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Norwich Print Fair 2012! Summary!

1 Oct

I decided not to post any images of the Print Fair until after the show as I wanted to encourage people to come down and see it for themselves! Now a week has past since the end of the exhibition so here is a summary of my experience this year!

It was exciting once again to see the show up and running , the standard of work is always amazing but this year in particular demonstrated a wonderful range of techniques and styles.  We had a few new members including Peter Chadwick whose work was greatly admired and Richard Horne who did really well with his graphic prints! It’s always a thrill to meet new artists and discuss each other’s work and throughout the show both artists and visitors enjoyed a really sociable experience.

The two Saturdays were our open portfolio days, where we had the opportunity to show even more work and converse with the public as they  meandered through the exhibition.  I particularly enjoyed chatting to some of the young GCSE and A Level students who were sent down to research for projects! I took my copper plates with me so that I could demonstrate the different stages of making a print and found that people were generally really interested to know how the processes work.

We had a demonstration day on Sunday the 16th.  Not all of the artists took part (as it would have taken more than one day!) but those who did were thrilled to have 350 or so people pass through to watch the goings on.  I decided to take part this year and set up a table with examples of my proofs and different plates and tools.  I had a good cluster of people asking me about how the plates were produced and the equipment used to work on the image.  It therefore helped that Laurie Rudling had a small press next to me and was demonstrating the inking up of a plate.  To a print maker the whole printing process is why we do what we do. We are just as passionate about the end result as we are to show how it was made in the first place and the response from the public is always great because they have a better understanding of the images they are looking at.

Overall the exhibition had a really positive public response and it was once again showed evidence of it’s support through sales of artwork, cards and raffle tickets!

A big big thank you to all who took part and who came to see the Norwich Print Fair 2012! It has been much appreciated!