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Cards and Decorations Ready to Sell!!!

12 Nov

I’m just waiting for my new stamp to arrive before packaging these all up ready to sell at:

Promotional Table Cloth

12 Nov

I had a bit of an issue when I went to the workshop last Friday as I discovered that my printed table cloth wasn’t at all dry.  I think this is because the workshop is quite damp and cold so the material is holding moisture.  However, I have printed the next section and have decided to bring is home to dry in the airing cupboard!

Here is a photo of it so far

Decorations and that

5 Nov

This weeks update..

I have started printing my ‘promotional’ table cloth, I don’t have a picture right now but will put one up when it’s done! I also have my banner which will also hopefully make me look a tad more professional!!

I have nearly finished making my decorations/Christmas cards and just need to put my stamp on the back to verify their authenticity as lwhiteprints designs 😉

Basically everything is coming together for the fair on the 24th, lets just hope I make my money back in sales!


Self promotion lino cut!

1 Nov

I finished a lino cut this morning that will be printed onto a table cloth to form part of my display for the Christmas fair

I was going to do a Christmassy design but thought I should do something I can re use, so yes.. this is self promotion.. an attempt and being more professional!

I’ll be printing it on Monday and will update more then 🙂