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24 Mar

My Dad told me about this programme that I missed on BBC4 last Tuesday, I’m really pleased that he pointed it out to me as I have found it really inspiring! All I can say is I would love to live Norman Ackroyd’s way of life! That’s the dream!!

Watch him on What Do Artists Do All Day

Also have a look at his website at:


Printmaking in the Summer!

24 Mar

A shout out to recommend this summer’s Printmaking course run by Gini Hanbury at Wensum Lodge:

Please take a look!




Etching Workshop 20/3/13

22 Mar

Etching Workshop 20/3/13.

Etching Workshop 20/3/13

21 Mar

As promised this is my update for the etching workshop that took place at Wensum Lodge yesterday.. I’m really pleased with the way it went considering it was the first time I had taught a full group of learners! I started the session with a demonstration working into the copper plate – preparing the image, showing different ways of transferring the design and using different tools etc.. I also showed some of my own plates, proofs and prints to show examples of the different stages of making an etching.

Due to the use of ferric chloride I spent a lot of the time reminding people to wear their goggles and gloves, which Gini and I fashioned to make a good example! (it’s always a good look;)) The learners were a lovely group and took everything on board really quickly, making good use of the time! We could only have two people using the acid at a time which was ok because they all worked at different paces, but there was a stage where a few were waiting around.. this is however part of the process as it takes at least 30 mins for the etching to occur!

Over all it was a really productive day, everyone managed to create a hard ground line etching and some even got a few prints within the four hours! I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge about printmaking and even managed to answer all questions they had! It was a valuable experience and hope to be able to do it more often in my career as a printmaker/teacher!

As a thank you at the end of the workshop I was given a voucher for art supplies, which was very unexpected and i’m so grateful as I can now buy myself some new ink!

Below are some images of the day, I can’t show any of the learner’s faces on here but you can see some of the work produced and appreciate the goggle look! Thanks for reading.






19 Mar

I agreed a while back to demonstrate hard ground etching to a printmaking group at Wensum Lodge.  This day has come around really quickly and is in fact tomorrow. While this is exciting and obviously a great experience to help me get into teaching, I am a little nervous about the responsibility considering the use of acid and sharp things.

I am on the other hand experienced and looking forward to seeing what the learners produce.  I spent today preparing the plates by filing the edges and painting liquid hard ground onto each of the 9 plates so that more time is spared for working the image and etching time.  I also mixed the ferric chloride for the first time which is a good thing for a technician to know how to do..

I am also in the process of applying for the Spring Show at the Wymondham Arts Centre and will be submitting two pieces of work. Hopefully i’ll have an opportunity to re-show a couple of my mezzotints and get a bit more exposure!!

I’ll update on how the demo went etc soon 🙂


11 Mar

I have been asked to illustrate the inside of a copy of Alice in Wonderland as a personalised present!

Really looking forward to doing it and will get some drawings on the go, I might work from “always Tea-time” and develop it or think more about the characters and develop my own illustrations…

That’s all for now 🙂



always Tea-time £90   (unframed)Combination of hard ground etching and soft ground etchingAlso available as a layered 3D print in an edition of four (£205)

always Tea-time £90 (unframed) Combination of hard ground etching and soft ground etching. Also available as a layered 3D print in an edition of four (£205)

Dry Point Engraving

4 Mar

I totally forgot about this print and that maybe I should put it on here. I might have left it because ‘Holme’s’ ears are far too big but it worked really well as a composition and a quick experiment!

 price tbc!

price tbc!