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Latest from the Workshop

12 Jun

I went to the workshop again yesterday and added the next colour to my reduction lino cut.  It’s been fun working on something new, but my registration has been pretty poor so there will only be a few of these worth selling!

I’ve got an idea in mind for a new mezzotint and played around with mono-printing just to sketch it out.  It will take a while to rock and engrave the plate but watch this space! More lino cuts on the way also..



Reduction Lino Cut

4 Jun

Now that I have finished my teaching course I have been trying to spend some time at the workshop doing some new prints.  I have started this new reduction print (below), it’s quite a simple design, but I’m enjoying just playing around and getting back into making new work.  I am planning to add a couple more colours to this so it will look more defined when it’s done.



IMAG0692IMAG0701 IMAG0702