The Aidan Kirkpatrick Studio

12 May

I vaguely mentioned before now that I have been assisting 82 year old artist-printmaker, Aidan Kirkpatrick, since November 2013. He contacted me through the Norwich Art School to find someone who could help with an order of prints and I have felt very honoured to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced artist. Aidan used to teach etching at Langley School and since retiring several years ago has successfully continued with his own practice, exhibiting throughout the country and also particularly in Bruges – as depicted in many of his works.

I have learnt several new techniques while working with Aidan, for example using a ‘dolly’ to spread the ink across the copper plate, this is when you take a small ball of cotton wool and wrap it in a piece of soft scrim – tying it at the neck with a bit of string or masking tape. I have also been shown how to cut a mount, the best way to dry prints, how to remove unwanted marks and how to cut glass!

I assisted Aidan with an order of around 30 prints, which we completed a few weeks ago. These mostly were his etchings of Bruges as they were then sent off to his contact out there. Since finishing the order, Aidan has kindly let me use his workshop and as it is out in the country, I intend to spend some sunny days producing more work over the summer.

Below are some images of The Aidan Kirkpatrick Studio and Gallery in Loddon, if you pass it – go and have a look!


2 Responses to “The Aidan Kirkpatrick Studio”

  1. Mike Booth December 1, 2014 at 11:23 am #

    What a privilege for a young artist to work one-on-one with an old master!

    • lwhiteprints December 1, 2014 at 11:29 am #

      Thank you, yes it was a great privilege especially as he was such a traditional printmaker. I will always pass on what I have learnt from him!

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