Little John Etching Press!!!

6 Apr

So… the exciting news is that I now have my own etching press, that is to say that I am eternally grateful to Aidan’s wife, Frances, for allowing me to pay for it bit by bit…  Although Aidan’s family tried a bit of etching in their time, they were not going to take it up themselves, so Frances asked me to clear the printing equipment from the Forge as she is planning to rent it out as another studio or office.

When I offered to buy the etching press, Frances’s main concern was where i’d put it as I don’t have my own studio and can hardly put it in the shed as it would just rust away! However… I have been hoping to get involved with Print to the People for some time and as they were due to move into new premises they were more than happy for me to keep the press there and get involved with running workshops, events and open access time!

So here it is! With help from Jo Stafford, her van man and Martin Mitchell we collected the press last week and Martin has been helping me to restore it by cleaning the cogs, WD40ing, wire brushing and painting with hammorite (to match my other press!) The press still needs putting back together but hopefully it’ll be up and running by Print to the People’s opening launch this Saturday!!!! Check out the link!!


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