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Amazing Results!!

24 Mar

I just thought i’d share some of the great prints produced by learners on the ‘Lino Print for Beginners’ and ‘Intaglio for Beginners’ courses at Wensum Lodge, over the last two terms!! It’s been a real pleasure again to work with enthusiastic people and to see how their ideas evolve!

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Lino Print for Beginners:


Intaglio for Beginners:


Check out the available courses, now open for enrolment, at Wensum Lodge next term!!!





24 Mar

Printmaking Courses at Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich!

https://enrol.norfolk.gov.uk/  … Just type ‘printmaking’ into the key word box!!


Summer Term and from September:

Intaglio for Beginners – Dry point and etching:

Monday evenings 6-8pm 12 weeks

Printmaking Intermediate – Monoprint, lino cut, collagaraph and drypoint

Tuesday afternoons 3-5pm 12 weeks

Summer Term only: 

Lev 1 Printmaking – Accredited course covering design, sampling, monoprint, collagraph, lino cut

Friday afternoons 3-6pm 12 weeks

From September:

Lino Cut for Beginners – single and reductive lino cut

Monday afternoons 2-4pm 12 weeks

Level 2 Printmaking – Accredited course covering research for design, sampling techniques, collagraph and lino cut

Tuesday evenings 6.30-9.30 pm 37 weeks (1 year)

Level 3 C & G Printmaking – Accredited course covering research for design, sampling techniques, drypoint and multiple block lino cut

Friday mornings 9am-1pm 37 weeks (1 year)

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Goodbye to the Forge

19 Mar

I spent the day yesterday printing for the last time at Aidan Kirkpatrick’s studio in Loddon.  His family asked me to print a couple of his etchings that they didn’t have and although it was quite daunting to print with out his guidance I felt very privileged to be back in the workshop once more.


I will always value what I have learnt from Aidan as he was such a traditional etcher and painter and particularly will continue to use the technical methods that he showed me and try to pass them on in my teaching.

Most of Aidan’s plates are quite a bit larger than my own so it takes a while to take a print, especially using his method of leaving a thin layer of ink on the surface and using whiting/chalk to lighten areas before blending… the plate below took me over an hour each time as it is so detailed!


I am working on some new etchings that are based on photos I took while working with Aidan at the Forge and will up date soon with how they are coming along!

Thanks for reading, L

Proofing with Progress!

12 Mar

I currently have Wednesdays free to get some of my own artwork done and i’m really enjoying the chance to spend a whole day developing new ideas and working on different projects! I’m still trying to get down to the John Jarrold Printing Museum on Wednesday mornings and am beginning to get my head around type setting!

Below are some pics of a poem I have been setting up… as you’ll see there are some ‘u’s and ‘n’s in the wrong places, this could be because someone put the ‘sorts’ in the wrong place, or more likely I was struggling to read upside down and back to front!

At the workshop, I also took a proof of ‘Grandma’ to see if the soft ground shows when printed. I taught a session on Monday with the intaglio beginners group using a new batch of soft ground solution (copper sulphate) but have resolved that the mix was a tad too weak so I will be testing this again tomorrow to ensure I get better results for the learners. When etching a hard ground the copper sulphate or acid needs to be stronger so that the lines are etched down into the plate and hold enough ink to print a clear line.  There needs to be a weaker solution for soft ground as it can dissolve and break down too quickly, especially if a texture has been used to remove a lot of surface area. However, I do need to make the solution slightly stronger because as you can see by the print below, after 6 minutes it is still quite a light etch. (There are several factors such as time, room temperature, solution, plate type and ground that can affect this!)

I am pleased with how this etching has printed so far, particularly some of the free lines, but I want to draw into it more and work into the background to give it more depth…

I also proofed and actually started editioning the ‘rocker’ print as part of the tools of the trade project! It’s a mixture of etching, mezzotint, collagraph and as it turned out, a bit of chine colle! I had a really clear idea of how this might work in my head and i’m really excited about the result as I’ve been meaning to try combining methods in this way and think it will work really well in future work!

Thanks for reading, L


10 Mar

Print to the People are an artist led organisation that was started up in Norwich by two super keen screen printmakers, Jo Stafford and Vicky Johnson back in 2009.  They provide facilities and workshops on a pay as you go basis, giving the people of Norwich and beyond the chance to develop their printing techniques either as complete beginners, recent graduates or experienced fanatics!

Up until recently the organisation, ‘STEW’, was based on Fishergate and primarily focused on paper and textile screen printing. However, they will very soon be moving to new premises on Pitt Street where they will be offering a wider range of printmaking facilities and events including relief printing, letterpress with Paul McNeill and also I will be getting involved to provide intaglio!

Check out the website and look out for upcoming events! I’ll keep you poste on here too!





8 Mar


I’m so excited to be able to say that I have been invited to take part in this year’s Norwich Print Fair! The exhibition takes place over two weeks every September and is dedicated to promoting the ‘original print’ (in other words ‘getting your hands dirty’!) This year is the 20th anniversary of the show and so it’s going to be quite an event with around 30 exhibitors, live demonstrations and even a celebratory book!

I last took part in the Print Fair in 2012 and since then I have produced quite a variety of new work due to teaching different methods at Wensum Lodge! I am quite glad to have had the last two years to build on my knowledge of different printmaking processes and develop my own practice!  In time for the fair I will hopefully have my latest mezzotint completed as part of a new series of work as well as a portfolio of etchings, drypoints, mezzotints, collagraphs and lino cuts – old and new!

There’s nothing like an exhibition to get you motivated to make new work, and even though I’ve already made a pretty good start this year, I’m going to do my best to get down to the workshop as much as possible over the coming months! Watch this space and thanks for reading! L


Printmaking: Tools of the Trade

26 Feb

I’ve started working on a new series of work based around the idea of ‘Tools and of Trade’ and an artist’s ‘organised mess’… The main reason for this change in ‘theme’ is that I’ve been trying to pin point what it is about printmaking that I really enjoy and at the end of the day it’s mainly the processes involved. Some processes such as etching and particularly mezzotint are pretty long winded and understandably some people are put off by the lengths you have to go to come up with a final product.  In my opinion, although I do try to balance my practice with quicker methods such as monoprint and lino cut, I am keen to promote the skills and dare I say crafts that can be produced by hand using both traditional and contemporary methods.

Below are some quick monoprints that I played around with last week to get some ideas going… Some of these will be available to buy as they are and some of them will be mixed with either drypoint or etching…

This monoprint session also re-established my love for blue and gold ink…

This week I have carried on with my blue theme to do some more tree monoprints that will be overprinted with an etching.  I blogged previously when I first did this but decided to do a few more as they have had quite a good reception from the learners at Wensum Lodge!

Watch this space…will blog later on to show my new mezzotint under way!