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Christmas Cards For Sale!!

9 Dec

I’ve been busy preparing new Christmas card designs for this year! They are now available so let me know if you would like either some single cards for £1.50 each or a set of 6 for £6!!


I also still have some limited stock of last years’ card too for the same price, as well as sets of hand printed decorations for £8!



‘Family Tree’ commissions

28 Aug

I am now taking commissions for hand carved and printed ‘Family Tree’ lino cuts.

Size and price will vary depending on how large your family is! However, as a guide the example below (A4) is £55 unframed.

I can also double print or do a reductive print for the same price.

Please contact me via email at slippersandhats@hotmail.com with any requests or queries. 

'Family Tree' A4 £55 (unframed)

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Still Available This Year!!

2 Dec

Aidan Kirkpatrick

2 Dec

I have recently been travelling to Loddon, outside Norwich to assist an artist called Aidan Kirkpatrick at his printmaking studio.  Aidan is an 82 year artist and ex-art teacher and has been doing etchings for a number of years.  He is what I would call a very traditional printer, working from his own drawings to make copper etchings that he then prints with oil based inks and chalk.  I have been learning his technique and helping him to complete an order of his work.  It has been so interesting to discuss art with someone so well travelled and experienced and I hope to pass on what I have learnt to others.

Here is a link to some of Aidan’s work: http://www.eastangliangroupofmarineartists.org.uk/EAGMA%20Gallery%208.htm

'Snape' by Aidan Kirkpatrick

Finished Rabbit Collagraphs

21 Aug

Title tbc (Rabbit Collagraph) £30 unframed £50 framed


I’m aware that these still look a tad like Peter Rabbit but I am really pleased with them.  There are a few variations but I’ve mainly tried to get the inking up more consistent and now have a better idea of how to problem solve when doing this printing process. I wasn’t happy with some of the prints I did last week but because I used oil based inks I was able to re-soak the paper and print over some of the less successful ones, so I now have 12 that are ready to sell!


Title tbc £30 unframed

Cards and Decorations Ready to Sell!!!

12 Nov

I’m just waiting for my new stamp to arrive before packaging these all up ready to sell at: https://www.facebook.com/TheMakersEmporium

Promotional Table Cloth

12 Nov

I had a bit of an issue when I went to the workshop last Friday as I discovered that my printed table cloth wasn’t at all dry.  I think this is because the workshop is quite damp and cold so the material is holding moisture.  However, I have printed the next section and have decided to bring is home to dry in the airing cupboard!

Here is a photo of it so far