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16 Jul

‘Father Time’ £35 unframed

Reduction Lino Cut


There are four different versions of this print but a total edition of 18, some of which I am thinking of sewing into to add further detail.





Grandfather Clock (unfinished)

10 Jul

I was trying to inspire myself the other day by researching artists, printmakers and general imagery but a few hours went by and eventually I just needed a cup of tea.  I looked over at the grandfather clock in my living room, which has a top hat from my mad hatters birthday a couple of years ago sat on top of it and thought it would make a good print. So here it is.

These are the first layers of colour, will be printing the details tomorrow and there will be 2/3 more colours to add.  I’m really enjoying reduction lino as a way to explore ideas and make quick new work. I also love gold ink.