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Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair!

10 Oct

I was emailed earlier in the summer about taking part in the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London and am excited to have decided to take part! It looks like a great range of artist’s original prints will be on display and should be an opportunity to meet a wider printmaking community!

The exhibition takes place from the 17th – 20th November at the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich and is curated by the Brocket Gallery London.

I’ve decided to exhibit ‘Mezzo-type’, my mezzotint from last year, and ‘Rocker’ as they were particularly interested in my embossed pieces and these combine different methods and will work well displayed together! I am particularly proud of ‘Mezzo-type’ as it was a real labour of love, and although it is a bit different to my most recent work, I do intend to do a twin print in the next year of another printmaking machine from the John Jarrold Printing Museum in Norwich.

Watch this space, and share the exhibition link! It’s going to be a fantastic showcase of printmaking from across the UK!


Printmaking: Tools of the Trade

26 Feb

I’ve started working on a new series of work based around the idea of ‘Tools and of Trade’ and an artist’s ‘organised mess’… The main reason for this change in ‘theme’ is that I’ve been trying to pin point what it is about printmaking that I really enjoy and at the end of the day it’s mainly the processes involved. Some processes such as etching and particularly mezzotint are pretty long winded and understandably some people are put off by the lengths you have to go to come up with a final product.  In my opinion, although I do try to balance my practice with quicker methods such as monoprint and lino cut, I am keen to promote the skills and dare I say crafts that can be produced by hand using both traditional and contemporary methods.

Below are some quick monoprints that I played around with last week to get some ideas going… Some of these will be available to buy as they are and some of them will be mixed with either drypoint or etching…

This monoprint session also re-established my love for blue and gold ink…

This week I have carried on with my blue theme to do some more tree monoprints that will be overprinted with an etching.  I blogged previously when I first did this but decided to do a few more as they have had quite a good reception from the learners at Wensum Lodge!

Watch this space…will blog later on to show my new mezzotint under way!