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New Etching

13 Feb

I had an experiment yesterday at Wensum Lodge to see if the acid they had was still working, it took a bit longer than usual but I managed to get a good bite after an hour! (Things will be improved as and when!) I’ve started some work on the theme of shadows and intend to carry on using different printing methods to build up images.  I really want to make some progress with my artwork this year and am excited to be trying out different materials and finding ways around things with Gini.  We are planning to have a ‘fun’ day next week to get some new ideas on the go so hopefully i’ll have some new images to post next week!


I looks a bit naff at the moment but is just the line etching.  Will experiment with soft ground over the top and make the figures into silhouettes.  The figure on the right has already been bitten so will have a darker line that the one on the right, which I have just drawn.

I looks a bit naff at the moment but is just the line etching. Will experiment with soft ground over the top and make the figures into silhouettes. The figure on the right has already been bitten so will have a darker line than the one on the left, which I have just drawn.

New Year!

3 Jan

With Christmas out of the way I am now looking forward to producing more prints.  I have some ideas on the go but my main focus this year will be to play with more colours!

I had a successful Christmas Fair selling “Read Me” , “Family Tree” and several cards and have realised that my lino-cuts have been quite popular.  I don’t know if this is because they are more affordable but I think I will aim to develop these skills further to create new and exciting work.

I have already heard from the Norwich Print Fair 2013 and am hoping to take part for a third year.  I am now, however quite busy working at Wensum Lodge as a part time Print Technician and will be starting a PTLLS teaching course on the 9th of Jan in the hope of becoming a tutor!

All in all this is going to be a busy year but I hope to make progress and keep on top of blogging as I go!

Thanks for reading


Cards and Decorations Ready to Sell!!!

12 Nov

I’m just waiting for my new stamp to arrive before packaging these all up ready to sell at: https://www.facebook.com/TheMakersEmporium

Promotional Table Cloth

12 Nov

I had a bit of an issue when I went to the workshop last Friday as I discovered that my printed table cloth wasn’t at all dry.  I think this is because the workshop is quite damp and cold so the material is holding moisture.  However, I have printed the next section and have decided to bring is home to dry in the airing cupboard!

Here is a photo of it so far

Decorations and that

5 Nov

This weeks update..

I have started printing my ‘promotional’ table cloth, I don’t have a picture right now but will put one up when it’s done! I also have my banner which will also hopefully make me look a tad more professional!!

I have nearly finished making my decorations/Christmas cards and just need to put my stamp on the back to verify their authenticity as lwhiteprints designs 😉

Basically everything is coming together for the fair on the 24th, lets just hope I make my money back in sales!


Self promotion lino cut!

1 Nov

I finished a lino cut this morning that will be printed onto a table cloth to form part of my display for the Christmas fair  https://www.facebook.com/TheMakersEmporium

I was going to do a Christmassy design but thought I should do something I can re use, so yes.. this is self promotion.. an attempt and being more professional!

I’ll be printing it on Monday and will update more then 🙂


Christmas card designs and decorations!

30 Oct


I spent a chilly afternoon at the workshop yesterday printing 40 of my Christmas lino cuts! As it happens because i’ve been a bit nifty and have done a few designs per lino this means I actually have 168 cards/decorations printed!! I just need to cut them all out and string them! This’ll be a job at home with a film on the telly and a cup of tea by the log burner!

I was really pleased with my gold ink! Although, I found that I had to be careful not to mix it too much with other colours as it ends up looking murky instead of shiny, but I would definitely recommend getting some if you were so inclined!!

I’m now working on a large lino cut that I have designed to be printed onto an old table cloth as part of my display for the Maker’s Emporium Christmas Fair on the 24th of November https://www.facebook.com/TheMakersEmporium (wink wink nudge nudge… please come along!)  I’m also starting to work on a print of my own family tree, I just need to confirm a few middle names and spellings before I begin!

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A nifty way of getting things done quickly and economically!

When finished the the text will hopefully look like letter press type

Gold, blue and white ink worked really well on different coloured papers.

To be cut out and strung with gold string 🙂