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Norwich Open Studios 24th May – 8th June: Martin Mitchell

12 May

I met Martin in 2010 by contacting the Norwich Print Fair about my hope to continue with printmaking after leaving university. Martin contacted me and offered to show me how to produce a ‘Mezzotint’ which is a very old printing technique and involves a lot of patience and dedication! Martin’s work often depicts the beautiful landscapes of Norfolk and Cumbria and he has developed his own techniques in order to create great detail and atmosphere in his work. I have now tried my hand at a few mezzotints myself and although it takes me much longer than Martin, I love the quality of the final print and hope to produce more soon! I am very lucky to still have access to Martin’s workshop and this is where I often spend my days off!

As part of their ‘Intaglio’ project I arranged for a couple of learners from the Level 3 Printmaking course (Wensum Lodge) to see Martin at work in his studio at Muspole Street, Norwich. He kindly demonstrated ‘rocking the plate’ and also proofed a plate that he was still working on. Below are some images from his demonstration but also if you want to go and see for yourself, you can visit him at the Norwich Open Studios from Saturday the 24th May – Sunday the 8th June!!


3 Jan


Learn monoprinting, lino cut, collagraph and drypoint!

The course takes place at Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich and runs for 12 weeks. 3-5pm on Tuesdays!!

Enrol here!:

Ready to Teach!

30 Oct

It’s come around really quickly but I am so excited to officially start teaching the Printmaking courses at Wensum Lodge after half term! I’ve been doing my technician hours and followed Gini Hanbury while she started up the Beginners, Level 2 and Level 3 courses.  Gini has given me loads of support and i’m thrilled to have this opportunity while she goes away to India for 5 months!! It’s my first teaching job but I am well prepared and will be starting off teaching ‘Intaglio’ – Drypoint – so I will be able to show some of my own work as examples and share the techniques I have been practising over the last few years.  Gini has given me such a great opportunity to start my teaching career and I wish her a safe and eye opening journey to India and beyond!

Always a good look!

Always a good look!

Watch this space!!

21 Sep

As my Wednesday evening Printmaking class has been cancelled i’m going to make the most of my time by producing more work before I start teaching in November, so please watch this space!! More lino cuts and collagraphs en route! The printmaking courses are all starting up at Wensum Lodge and i’ve been really excited to meet this year’s learners.  My colleague Gini is off to India soon for adventures and so I will be taking over the beginners, level 2 and level 3 Printmaking courses.. a bit daunting but I’m really looking forward to getting involved!!  It was disappointing this week to hear that the extra Wednesday class couldn’t go ahead but hopefully the 6 learners who did sign up will still have a chance to try printmaking next year.

I made a couple of visits to this year’s Norwich Print Fair and really enjoyed seeing the new work.  I didn’t get in this year but will be applying with my new portfolio in the new year 🙂

Here is the link to the Print Fair website, take a look or even better try and get down there today as it’s the last exhibition day:   http://www.norwichprintfair.co.uk/


Thanks for reading


Blind embossing

Blind embossing



Places available on Level 3 Printmaking Course!!

29 Aug

There are still places available on this level 3 course in Printmaking, so if you have any basic experience this is a great course for helping you to develop your skills and techniques!!

Monoprint, Lino cut, Dry Point engraving, Collagraph (and possibly Screen print and Etching)!

The course will be held on Fridays from 9am til 1pm at Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich and is run by Gini Hanbury and myself, we just need a few more enrolments to ensure that the course can go ahead! Please take a look at the following link!



Thank you!!

Finished Rabbit Collagraphs

21 Aug

Title tbc (Rabbit Collagraph) £30 unframed £50 framed


I’m aware that these still look a tad like Peter Rabbit but I am really pleased with them.  There are a few variations but I’ve mainly tried to get the inking up more consistent and now have a better idea of how to problem solve when doing this printing process. I wasn’t happy with some of the prints I did last week but because I used oil based inks I was able to re-soak the paper and print over some of the less successful ones, so I now have 12 that are ready to sell!


Title tbc £30 unframed

Rabbit Collograph

12 Aug

I spent the morning printing the rabbit collograph that I prepared yesterday and have got some good results, although it took me a while to get the right amount of ink right as it is quite a textured surface.  These are the prints so far, but I will be doing some more variations next week to make to most of the design before it falls apart!