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lwhiteprints ETSY shop!

8 Sep

I’ve opened up an Etsy Shop!


As advised by another Etsy user, I will be adding work for sale gradually to try and build up an audience but if you would like to contact me directly about any work in my portfolio please email slippersandhats@hotmail.com!



Cards and Decorations Ready to Sell!!!

12 Nov

I’m just waiting for my new stamp to arrive before packaging these all up ready to sell at: https://www.facebook.com/TheMakersEmporium


6 Sep

This is what I used to emboss ‘Read Me’
I’m hoping to get some more out of it before it compresses too much and falls apart!


I’m making sure i’ve got enough editions printed to the open portfolio days (Saturdays) during the print fair. I have started a different version of ‘Read Me’ using just the woodblock and embossing.


‘Tree House’ etching/woodcut

28 Aug

I have recently finished a new print that will be called ‘Tree House’.  The ideas behind the piece stem from previous work but I am particularly pleased with the outcome as I feel that it is the beginning of a new way of working.  I want to continue creating more layered effects and combining different printing methods.

The style of the tree (etching) derives from a continued reference to fairy tales and folklore while the house (woodcut) is based on a house I lived in not long ago and is printed in the the colours of a Wendy House, which is another element used before in my work.  I basically wanted to create an image that questioned the idea of personal space.  It is an adult house, positioned in a tree, set away from other people..

Woodcut print for ‘Tree House’

23 Aug

I am working on a new layered print that will be called ‘Tree House’.  The tree itself will be an etching but I decided to print the house as a woodcut to create a difference in style and texture.

New print

15 Aug

This is an experimental piece using woodcut, lino-cut reduction and embossing. These images show the first layers of colour, i’m now going to cut away some of the lino and print more colours over the top, but I have to let it dry in between. Finally i’ll emboss it with a collograph I have made…

River Bank (Willow Tree) finished

15 Aug

After a long old while I have finally finished ‘River Bank’.  It is at the framers and will be on sale for £190! I now have nine pieces framed and ready for the Print Fair http://www.norwichprintfair.co.uk/ but am hoping to get a couple more card designs done by then too!